Rules of Discipline for Students​

µ  Refinement of manners, habits of low and order, neatness of person and dress and punctuality are required at all times.

µ  All the students must reach the school well in time. Late comers will have to get written permission from the Principal. Those who reach the school before time should sit in their seats in the class room and study silently. Permission of the teacher-in-charge is required for going out before the first bell.

µ  Students must come to school in clean, neat and proper uniform. They should keep with them the texts and notebooks and all the study materials required for the classes they attend.

µ  The school uniform should be strictly in accordance with the pattern prescribed by the school.

µ  All are expected to speak English in the school premises and in the school buses.

µ  Books considered objectionable should not be brought to school. News papers and other publications may not be brought to school without the previous sanction of the Principal

µ  Students must greet the teachers wherever they meet them for the first time in the day. When a teacher enters the classroom students must keep standing until the teacher asks them to sit down or occupies his/her seat. They shall thank the teacher at the end of the class. Students are not allowed to entertain the teachers with gifts.

µ  Students are not allowed to celebrate their birthday in the school with cake or any such dishes.

µ  No re-examination will be conducted for students who remain absent from any examination.

µ  Every student is responsible for the safe custody of his/her belongings. The school will not be responsible for their loss. Ornaments and jewellery of any kind are not allowed in the school. Pupils should not bring large amount of money to the school.

µ  At the warning bell, all must keep silence and proceed to where it summons them. Absolute silence and perfect order should be maintained by all pupils while going to the assembly ground and returning to class rooms, laboratory and play ground.

µ  Students will not be called to attend telephone calls during the class hours.

µ  The school building and premises should be kept clean and tidy. Any damage caused to school property or properties owned by others will have to be made good.

µ  A student must obtain his parent’s acknowledgement within three days for entries in the progress report and remarks in the school diary.

µ  Immoral actions, insubordination to authorities, willful damage to property, skulking, stealing, malpractice in examination, tampering with marks, forgery in any form etc. are grave reasons for severe disciplinary action.

µ  Use of mobile phones in the school campus and in the school bus is strictly prohibited. If caught red handed, serious action will be taken against such students.

µ  The school reserve the right to compel the parents to withdraw their wards if their progress in studies is unsatisfactory or if their attendance is irregular or the conduct is harmful to other children.

µ  Permission from the Principal is necessary for leaving the School premises during school hours.

µ  No student will be sent home, unless a duly authorized person comes to take him/her.

µ  Pupils who do not abide by the rules and regulations of the school will be dismissed from the school even during the course of the academic year.

µ  The School Diary should be brought to school every day.

µ  Children are not allowed to bring any valuable articles such as costly watch, radio, mobile phone, jwellery, I Pod, MP3 Players or any other electronic gadgets with them.

µ  Complaints by parents, if any, or remarks about the staff or school functioning must be brought to the notice of the Principal or Manager, and not to the staff concerned.

µ  All students come under school rules from the beginning of their journey to school, and enroute back home.

µ  All pupils should at all times, maintain a high standard of dignity in their words and deeds.


ü  Hair style shall be treated as part of school uniform.

ü  Elaborate / Fashionable hair styles are strictly not allowed.


♦ Crew cut, spike and long hair are not  allowed
♦ Properly Shaven Faces


♦ Long hair – Two plaits
♦ Medium long hair – Two ponies.
♦ Bob cut hair – Wear white hair band.

Code of Conduct for the Students


v  On reaching the school the students should form a line and proceed to their respective class rooms in silence.

v  Utilize the morning time for silent study till the bell goes for prayer/ assembly.


  • Strict silence should be observed during the morning study. No student is expected to be seen on the verandah and break the silence during the morning study.
  • Discussions of any sort are not allowed.

General Discipline

  • Show respect to your Principal, teachers, non teaching staff and elders by greeting them.
  • Respect each other and always lend a helping hand.
  • Stand still during Prayer and National Anthem, wherever you are.
  • Be eco-friendly; and keep your school compound green.
  • Students in school uniform are not expected to be in the shops and hold birthday party or any treat for friends in the restaurants.
  • Be in line and in perfect silence while moving out to the lab and playground.
  • Behave honestly in the examination halls. Malpractices of any sort will be seriously dealt with.
  • On entering the lab and the library, students should keep their shoes outside.
  • Don’t dash and hit against others including teachers.
  • Learn to use polite expressions like ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘welcome’ etc. as and when they are required to be used.
  • English is the medium of communication and so it is mandatory that all the students speak English in the school compound.
  • Always use polite words when you communicate with others.
  • Insulting and abusive expressions are strictly forbidden in the school compound.


  • Always keep to the left while walking along the corridors.
  • Don’t move about in cluster or clubbing together.
  • Don’t drag your feet while walking on the verandah.
  • Do not lean and stamp on the wall.         
  • Don’t jump up and try to hit the objects or roof overhead.
  • Students are not expected to enter the staff room unnecessarily or stand in group in front of it. In case of necessity, only one student is expected to enter.

during PT

  • No student is exempted from PT class. If any exemption is required on health ground, a written request from the parents should be produced in advance and get the sanction from the Principal.

in the Classroom

  • Arrange the class room neatly before the class starts.
  • Do not litter papers and sweet wrappers anywhere.
  • Black board, chalk, table and chair are meant only for the use of teachers.
  • Benches and desks provided for your use should be kept neat. Don’t sit on the desk.
  • Scribbling and drawing on the desks and walls will be seriously dealt with.
  • Make use of the free time / period for your creativity.
  • Bring only the study materials to the class room.
  • Mobile Phone, CD, pen drive, memory card, iPod and such other gadgets are strictly forbidden in the class room and school compound.
  • All the students should stand up and wish the teachers when they enter the class and should thank them when they leave.
  • Students are not expected to stand around the teacher’s table to clear the doubts or for any other purpose.
  • Going to the toilet frequently during the class time is not advised. Students are not expected to come out of the class room after every period and roam about through the verandah.
  • After the breaks, students should enter the class room at the bell without fail
  • In the absence of a teacher, the class leaders may stand near the table maintain discipline till the substitute teacher comes.  
  • After every period, students should remain silent for the next period
  • Munching or chewing and drinking water during the class hours is not allowed.
  • Throwing things like pencil, eraser, ruler, books etc. to others should be avoided.
  • Be attentive in the class. Misbehaviour of any sort will be seriously dead with.
  • Strict discipline should be observed in the classroom

at Lunch

  • Lunch may be eaten in the classroom itself.
  • Observe table manners while eating. A small towel should be brought to spread on the table to be used as a napkin.
  • Be in queue at the washing place.
  • Remember to close the tap after use.
  • Do not bring food in plastic bags and litter here and there in the school compound.
  • Food waste is to be deposited in the waste bins meant exclusively for that.

Regarding Uniform

  • It is very strict that students should come to school in full uniform as instructed.
  • Boys should wear vests under the shirt.
  • Boys are not expected to wear low waist trousers in the school.
  • Students are not expected to shorten their overcoat and the sleeves of the shirt.
  • No girl is permitted to let loose her hair and remain in the class. Girls of Class I to X should double pleat their hair.
  • Only white ribbons are allowed.
  • Gold ornaments are not allowed in the school.
  • T shirt is not generally allowed in the campus on special occasions. Even when it is allowed, those without collar is prohibited.
  • On special occasions sleeveless top and tight bottom are not allowed for the girls. Party wear is not expected in the school.
  • Socks and inner wears should be washed daily and be hygienic.
  • Any student who requires exemption from wearing uniform for a specific period should get written permission from the Principal.

of Toilets

  • Keep toilet neat and clean.
  • Don’t scribble on the walls of the toilet.
  • Close the tap to avoid waste of water.
  • Don’t break or destroy the pipes and doors.

at Dispersal

  • On leaving the classroom, see that you switch off the fan and the light.
  • When the school disperses, the students should leave the classroom in line.
  • Students are not expected to group in the porch and remain talking.
  • Volunteers on each floor should see to the smooth and disciplined movement of the students at the dispersal.