Savio Educational and charitable trust is run and managed by Venerini Sisters, an international institution founded by St.Rosa Venerini, having the mission "Educate to set free".

                               "Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rests the cornerstone of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development" : - Kofi Annan.

            Based on the above, we aim at a quality based education by transforming the young ones to a highly developed mind set, in view of a harmonious living, integrating all aspect of human existence, we try to make them equipped and refined human being who enjoy the rapidly changing scenario and face the high acceleration of growth with confidence, strength and courage, keeping in mind that education is the builder, the engineer and artist who makes the life journey possible for a little human being by forming today, visualizing tomorrow and build up something sustainable for a life time.


            “Educate to Set Free”- Through Formal and Informal Education, providing leadership and inspiration for learning, we try to eradicate the darkness of Ignorance from the life of people and bring them to the light of knowledge in order to set them free from the captivity of ignorance. We aim at overall human development of a person.


            Savio English School should become a best school of education, an ever shining star as a Great Temple of Light, recognized for its diversity of service and known for its excellence in imparting quality education.


            SEvery student of Savio English School should accomplish the fullness of their personality through the education they receive daily from our teaching, our exemplary and inspiring life style and our timely intervention. Everyone who comes to Savio English School should hit the highest point of attaining the great plan of our Creator (God Himself) about the life of each one.


            The Motto of the school is depicted in the logo love and discipline. The school utilizes every opportunity available to cultivate genuine love and self discipline in the children whom God has entrusted us to take care of.