About Venerini Sisters

       Venerini Sisters is an Italian Congregation, founded by St. Rosa Venerini, who was born in Viterbo, Italy in 1656.

       At that time in the Italian society, girls were deprived of education, therefore, they remained ignorant and illiterate. Rosa became aware of the need of the time. After a long period of prayer and discernment, seeking to know what God asked of her, she began to invite the girls and women of her neighborhood to her home to recite the Rosary and learn the truth of their Faith.

       On August 30, 1685 she opened her first school where young women received religious instruction and learned to read, to write, to sew and embroider and develop those skills which would help them live full and productive lives.

       The purpose of the school was to prepare girls who would be able to guide their own families in the future and become constructive members of the society. Many young girls joined Rosa and the school soon spread to other countries too. Moved by the spirit and inspiration of the Foundress, the Venerini Sisters are now doing their service working in ten different countries in the world.

       In India, they carry out their educational service in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Assam and run 18 schools. They are committed to providing a sound education for all children irrespective of religion, race and language.

       You may read more about St. Rosa Venerini and the congregation here.