For the all-round development of personality, a variety of co-curricular activities are arranged for students from time to time. Training is imparted in vocal music, instrumental music, dance and Kung-Fu. Cultural and literary activities are organized on a regular basis. Science club, English assocication, Oratory club, Quiz club, Music club and Maths club are efficiently functioning in the school. Science fair, quiz day, group discussion etc. are some of the activities of these clubs In addition, we prepare and encourage pupils to participate in competitions and activities organized by various cultural agencies.

Extension lectures and Seminars

Extenstion lectures and seminars are conducted for different age groups by experts. This provides them opportunities for their personal development.

House System

To promote competitive spirit among pupils and to inculcate the habit of co-operation and leadership qualities, an efficient house system has been introduced in the school. Every pupil will belong to a house and will be guided by house animators. Inter-house competitions are held in the school time to time.

Educational Tours

Study tours/excursions are arranged under supervision of teachers to various places of historical, geographical and cultural interest. Parents are informed and their consent is obtained in advance.